And here’s the big one! I’m proud to announce that I am now officially endorsing VATER drum sticks. After having endorsed another drum stick manufacturer for 11 years, I recently tried out some Vater sticks…


Humes & Berg endorsement

Just like Steinberg, this one came out of nowhere. This month has just been great when it comes to gear and making new friends at great companies. I’m very proud and excited to officially endorse…

Steinberg endorsement

I am very excited to announce that I am now officially endorsing Steinberg! I have been using Cubase for almost 10 years, since the day I started recording at home, and later my own professional…

Sam Ash Drum Clinic

I’ll be doing a drum clinic at Sam Ash in Edison, NJ, on Monday August 18th at 7PM. I’ll be playing along to some killer music, talking about recording, touring, drumming, gear, and much more….

Drum Cam videos from the tour

I set up my GoPro camera at some of the shows, and I’m posting some videos of that on my YouTube channel over the next few weeks. Here’s “Turn Around” from the Dallas show: